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Non-desk workers make the difference

One of the most common problems is reaching, training and engaging non-desk staff. This group often does not have a workplace with a desk and computer or a business email address. For this reason it is very difficult to keep this group engaged.. However, engaging your frontline workers is very important: they are often the first point of contact for customers. However, as they are most likely the first point of contact for your customers keeping them engaged to your brand and company is crucial for success.


Stop using too many communication tools

Organisations often use different tools to reach, train and engage non-desk workers. Using these different tools causes a lot of inefficiency, noise and frustration. As a result, you will not get the most out of your staff. This leads to lower customer satisfaction, higher staff turnover and negative operating results in the end.

“Our wish was one app, a WestCord employee app, in which all internal communications is centralised per team, hotel and on a WestCord Hotels level. And this app also had to include employee training and digital micro learnings.”
Eline Ligthart | Corporate Recruiter at WestCord Hotels

The story behind Flex-Appeal

Promoting happy and motivated non-desk employees. This leads to more satisfied customers, more turnover and repeat visits for your organization.


Get inspired about topics such as reaching, training and motivating your frontline staff.   

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