Case Study

Albert Heijn Franeker

"Now we have an all-in-one platform. And that's amazing."
Mirjam Kuipers | Founder Albert Heijn Franeker

About Albert Heijn Franeker

Albert Heijn Franeker is a Dutch supermarket. It is known for its great hospitality. For entrepreneur Mirjam Kuipers, it is very important her 165 employees enjoy their job. Satisfied employees are key for satisfied customers. The company aims to be the best employer and supermarket in Franeker.

The challenge: No clear communication strategy and an abundance of channels resulted in less committed employees

Albert Heijn Franeker started searching for a unified communication platform. The company faced the following two challenges:

  • No clear overview: “Actually we used too many communication tools.” says Mirjam. “Our employees received too much information. They did not read all those messages.” Albert Heijn Franeker used bulletin boards, email, and WhatsApp. That was confusing for the employees. In the end, they did not have a clear overview of things that were going on.
  • The younger generation did not use those communication tools: Albert Heijn Franeker mainly employs younger employees. Those employees do not check their email. The supermarket therefore, had to come up with a new communication tool. A tool that can reach all employees at the right time and with the right message.

“We were looking for one communication platform on which everybody can log in and communicate together.”
Jordi Gijsen | Assistent Manager

The decision to choose for Flex-Appeal: a great user experience by one employee experience platform

Albert Heijn Franeker was looking for an all-in-one communication platform with an employee login. Flex-Appeal was the perfect solution for Albert Heijn Franeker. The main reason is that Flex-Appeal builds the app based on employee input. The app should be simple and easy to work with.

Flex-Appeal is the solution to the communication problem of Albert Heijn Franeker. Now they just use one platform for internal communications. They banned all the other communication tools. Both employees and managers have a clear overview. Also, Flex-Appeal solved other challenges Albert Heijn Franeker was not looking for in the first place: 

  • Possibility to exchange shifts: "You can easily view your schedule. If you're sick, you just post a message in the app: "who wants to work tonight?" You'll have employees working for you within no time.” says Jordi, Assistant Manager at Albert Heijn Franeker. Flex-Appeal is integrated with PMT (Retail Solutions). All data of the employees is synchronized, so you never have to transfer data. 
  • Onboarding: with Flex-Appeal you can completely personalize your onboarding program. The onboarding module of Flex-Appeal makes it possible to add PDFs, videos, and quizzes. Albert Heijn Franeker uses video for its onboarding program. "We have created our own video onboarding. Employees can find this in one central place.” 
“Flex appeal is everything we were looking for.”
Mirjam Kuipers | Founder Albert Heijn Franeker

The results: improved communications and satisfied employees and customers

Albert Heijn Franeker and its employees are very satisfied with Flex-Appeal. The supermarket is experiencing the following results:

  • Efficient communications: “With Flex-Appeal it is possible to create groups. This makes it easy to switch between different groups.” Employees now only receive relevant messages.
  • Happy employees: “Our employees are way more engaged.” Mirjam says. “They know what is going on.” Jordi adds: “Once I was logged in, I saw how easy it was to work with Flex-Appeal. It is simple to communicate with all your employees.” Currently, 97,6% of their employees use Flex-Appeal on a weekly basis. 
  • Satisfied customers happy employees result in satisfied customers. This is a long-term goal of Albert Heijn Franeker. “The customer leaves our supermarket with a big smile. Flex-Appeal makes this possible for us.”

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