Flex-Appeal and GDPR

Ruben Wieman

Ruben Wieman


Privacy and safety of our users are key for Flex-Appeal. Needless to say, our platform is compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In this blog post you’ll find all important changes that come along with the new GDPR regulation.

As of May 25th, GDPR has come into force. GDPR is a data protection law replacing the existing EU data protection legislation. The new legislation strengthens both the protection of personal data and the rights of individuals with regard to data. Also, the new legislation requires companies to disclose and, where appropriate, adapt the way in which they retain data. Failure to comply with the AVG can result in high fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the annual turnover.

Flex-Appeal and GDPR

AVG wet Flex-Appeal

The Flex-Appeal team has worked hard together with a number of consultants to ensure that the privacy of our users will be guaranteed without compromising the quality of our product.

Your data will be stored within Europe

We make use of hosting provider DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean is a recognized cloud computing platform and is GDPR compliant. In addition, we store all data within the Flex-Appeal platform within DigitalOcean's Dutch data center in order to remain transparent about data retention and to comply with Dutch and European standards.

Privacy by Design

Data from our customers and users are only kept as long as they use our platform. We delete all data of our customers 30 days after the end of the cooperation. This ensures that our customers have enough time to secure and export data if necessary. When a user is deleted within Flex-Appeal, his personal data will be deleted after 90 days. As a result, we do not store personal data longer than necessary. We only store personal data that is necessary for the proper functioning of our product, including a working email address, first and last name. For more information about the data we process, please take a look at our privacy policy.

Privacy by Default

We value the privacy and preferences of our users. For this reason, we offer our users the opportunity to specify what information is shared with other users through our privacy settings within the product. For example, we give our users the possibility of making their date of birth or telephone number invisible to other users.

Processing agreement customers and external parties

We use external parties (sub-processors) such as Google Analytics and Fabric. We have processing agreements with all these parties that define responsibilities and security measures to ensure the privacy of our users. We only use external parties that can meet our required security requirements.

At Flex-Appeal we continuously strive to improve our employee app without risking our user’s privacy. In case you want to share ideas, feedback or questions about the privacy of our product, please send an email to privacy@flex-appeal.nl.

Looking for more information about Flex-Appeal’s privacy policy? Have a look at this page. this page te vinden.

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