The best way to train your employees online

The best and fastest way to train your employees online. Centralize digital training in one platform. Employee training has never been easier.
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Empowering your frontline workforce

The impact of e-learning

Train employees easily
Better qualified employees
Increased customer satisfaction
Motivated employees
Train employees easily

Train your employees effectively

Keep your employees updated about the latest marketing campaigns, products, or guidelines. Employee training has never been easier. Thanks to our mobile solution, your employees can follow your e-learning course at any time and any place.
Better qualified employees

Better qualified employees

Quickly train your employees via the m-learning environment. This enables them to do a more efficient job and provide your customers with the best service.

Increased customer satisfaction

Highly informed, productive and engaged employees have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and business results.
Motivated employees

Motivated employees

Your employees can improve their skills easily with e-learning. Thanks to quizzes and gamification it is easier for your employees to complete courses. Motivated employees guarantee your business success.

The all-in-one solution to train your employees effectively

Engaging content

Create a training module and add engaging content: images, videos, articles, or text.


Target specific teams and users and send them the training.


Set deadlines. Employees will receive a notification once a deadline gets closer, and they haven't completed the course yet.


Add (multiple choice) questions and add scores and success rates.


Score new hires on completing courses and create challenging games. Make e-learning fun!


Monitor progress and see at a glance how who has completed the e-learning.

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How Flex-Appeal differentiates

All-in-one solution

Flex-Appeal is an all-in-one-solution for reaching, training and engaging non-desk workers. Say goodbye to switching between different channels.


Flex-Appeal has a very simple user interface. People get used to it within minutes.


Do you prefer a solution in your corporate branding? With Flex-Appeal it is possible. Strengthen your brand by creating a native app.


Flex-Appeal has several support options to assist companies of every size. Every subscription comes with a helpdesk in which every user can speak directly to our support employees.

Ready to get started? See how Flex-Appeal will transform your business.