Quickly onboard new employees

Stop handing out employee manuals. Create a personal and engaging onboarding experience. Involve new employees quickly with your organization.
Empowering your frontline workforce

Create an inspiring and interactive onboarding experience

Cut onboarding costs
Reduce employee turnover
Boost productivity
Consistent onboarding
decrease onboarding costs

Cut onboarding costs

Increase profitability with a great onboarding program. This will improve your employee's commitment and helps drive profit as well.
Reduce employee turnover

Reduce employee turnover

Employees are more likely to leave your company in the first 6 months if they don’t experience a great onboarding process. A strong onboarding process results in higher retention.
boost productivity

Make new hires productive faster

A great onboarding process helps new hires ramp faster, so they can be productive sooner.
Consistent onboarding

Create consistency in your onboarding program

Standardize your onboarding program. All new hires receive the same information.

The all-in-one-solution for an interactive onboarding experience

Personal onboarding experience

Each new hire receives a personal and interactive onboarding experience. Every new employee will have instant access to all relevant information. Give your new employee a warm welcome via a wide range of chapters with different topics.

Rich content

An onboarding program is easy to create. Use a variety of content types: texts, images, videos, and PDF documents.


Test the level of knowledge of new employees and add success rates.


Kickstart your employee onboarding by making specific courses available before they actually start working.


The visibility of modules can be set per location or team.


See at a glance if your new employees have completed the onboarding.

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How Flex-Appeal differentiates

All-in-one solution

Flex-Appeal is an all-in-one-solution for reaching, training and engaging non-desk workers. Say goodbye to switching between different channels.


Flex-Appeal has a very simple user interface. People get used to it within minutes.


Do you prefer a solution in your corporate branding? With Flex-Appeal it is possible. Strengthen your brand by creating a native app.


Flex-Appeal has several support options to assist companies of every size. Every subscription comes with a helpdesk in which every user can speak directly to our support employees.

Ready to get started? See how Flex-Appeal will transform your business.